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Welcome to Nutritional Healthy Facts

Nutritional Healthy Facts is the establishment of healthy food, and nutritional
intervention helping to increase community education for the prevention of diseases related to malnutrition


On NHF you can access the evidence that focuses on nutritional care to improve the health of individuals


Provide the highest level of nutritional care of the community and individuals.


  • Honesty and Relentless Pursuit of Perfection.
  • Creativity and uniqueness.
  • Based on reliable references

Smart Food

Be smart to choice your nutrition, Know how to change good foods, and food serving size to meet your requirements …

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Calculate Your Requirements

Be aware of your ideal body weight to achieve it if you aren’t on it, and about your actual calorie requirement …

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Play Hard

Be active and continue do exercise to improve your health and mood, to loose your cumulative fats, and to maintain good body shape …

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Consult Registered Dietitian

Be connected with Registered Dietitian if you suffer of any nutritional or health problems. Feel free to ask questions …

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Why use Narrative?
  • Understand a patient’s experiencewith illness and measured on similar cases.
  • Encourages empathy and promotes understanding between the clinician and patient.
  • Promote Patient’s confidence with clinician which increase follow the clinician's advice.
  • Enhances listening and interpretive skills for clinician.
  • Gives meaning to the patient’s experience and so can be therapeutic.
  • Memorable.
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The Founder


Registered Dietitian & Diabetic Educator